Busoga Sugarcane growers sign MOU

Busoga Sugarcane growers sign MOU

The 1st Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for East African Community Affairs in Uganda RT. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga has this afternoon witnessed signing of an M.O.U( Memorandum of Understanding ) of Greater Busoga Sugar Cane Union. The Union was headed by their chairman who noted that all sugar cane farmers had come to an agreement with the arrangements of sugar cane factory as promised by President Museveni during his 2020 campaign tours in a bid for a 5th term of office.


Sugarcane production is at 540,000 tonnes but Uganda consumes only 380,000. Which means in Uganda there’s a surplus of about 160,000 tonnes. Our sugar would have the best market in East Africa but the production cost is high compare to other countries. Uganda’s production costs is $523 (Shs 1.9m) per metric ton while in Brazil, it is $400 (Shs1.4) per metric tonnes.

The Minister for East Africa Community Affairs advised the Union to always 

Be united and emphasize on collective value for production ideas. Meanwhile she advised the leaders to always utilize Dr.Mugabira to teach Busoga the other bi-products from sugar cane rather than looking at sugar alone. The meeting ended with a one understanding of kick poverty out of Busoga and later a group photograph was taken in presence of the minister 

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