EAC Achievements

  • Harmonization of Monetary and Fiscal Policies
    This has included convertibility of the partner states’ currencies, harmonization of banking rules and regulations, harmonization of finance ministries’ pre- and post-budget consultations, regular sharing of information on budgets, and reading of budget statements on the same day.
  • Transport and Communications
    The main objectives of the agreement are to facilitate interstate road transport through reduced documentation for crews and vehicles at border crossings including harmonized requirements for operation licensing and customs and immigration regulations. This has made it easier and quicker for traders from one member country to trade with traders from other member countries.
  • Education and skilled Labour
    East Africa community aims at creating centres of excellence in the community to provide top quality training and education aimed at meeting current and future skill needs and technical innovation in the regional bloc. Free visas are provided for students from member states to study at any university within this community.
  • Joint Tourism Promotion Initiatives
    The East African Community partner states signed important protocols that will help in promoting East Africa as a single tourist destination and will result in attracting more tourists and increase the contribution of the tourism industry to the East African economy. A single East African Tourist Visa for the EAC countries of Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda has been available since 2014.