Eriya Kategaya – A Great Pillar of the East African Community

Eriya Kategaya – A Great Pillar of the East African Community

Its now 10 years ever since Brig. Gen. Eriya Kategaya departed and joined our ancestors.

Family and friends together with the ministry of East African Community officials gathered in Buyoyi Hall at Mestil Hotel in Kampala. This was to celebrate the life and good things things that the late Eriya Kategya did for the East African Community.

While addressing the gathering, Col. Nuwe Amanya Mushega  (Rtd), Secretary General EAC Secretariat, described the late Kategaya as someone who was polite, simple, calm and had zero tolerance to corruption.

He and the late Kategaya don’t regret for having been against the removal of Presidential term limits even though they lost the debate.

While delivering her keynote address, The 1stDPM/Minister for Ministry of East African Affairs in Uganda Rt.Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga (MP) said that she wants the monetary institution of the East African Community to be hosted in Uganda as a remembrance of the good things the late Eriya Kategaya (002) did for the community.

Other guest speakers include President Museveni and the late Eriya Kategeya’s teacher Mr. Mathew Rukikaire among others.

The Eriya Kategaya Memorial Lecture is an annual event fully supported by the Ministry of East African Community Affairs -Uganda

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